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Have a Heart and Try Me

Where will I be in ten years? That is the question.
It's funny how life changes so quickly. Your head doesn't even have time to spin because before you know it, you're right back where you started. But you're not because you've been transported to a different dimension, a different world, a different life.

He pretty much asked me to marry him and I pretty much said yes. I've never felt like this with a significant other before. I mean, I haven't had anywhere near the amount of relationships as he's had, but I never felt like this with my past boyfriend. My past boyfriend, we dated for a year and I never even wanted to marry him. I was lucky to keep up with what we had, which wasn't that much. My current boyfriend, we have a connection, one that I could not see being broken anytime soon. I don't want us to get married and end up like another statistic. He'll move in with me first. I'm sure I'll be criticized by everyone for being "engaged." But, then again, I've been criticized about this relationship from the beginning, so it wouldn't be anything different.

So, yeah, how 'bout that graduate school? Running out of time, yup. Sigh. What else is new?

Motivation, motivation, where have you gone?

I miss writing papers. That probably sounds a little ridiculous, but I love to write and I don't write much on my own anymore besides an occassional journal entry online or on paper. I still read. I have to keep my brain going in some way, so I make myself read. At least then, I can keep my vocabulary going and my brain thinking. It's like motivation or something.
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