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Here We Go

Here we go again. The cold shoulder. The feeling of disconnectedness. In fact, it's the same feeling I had with C today. I was putting my tray away and he was in front of me. He nearly walked right into me and then didn't mutter a word of apology. Not that I really expect him to, but it would be nice. It's a shame that that had to end that way. But that is entirely different from what I originally meant by this entry.

I remember this feeling. I believe I can trace it back to the "wise fool" stage of college. Yes, I'm sure that is it. But for a different reason? Another man, yes, I think that's it. So why is she so angry about this? When I look at her I am reminded of my mother in only one way: the stubborness, the need for control over a situation. It's like breaking through a barrier without words. 
It's your fault thus you must apologize.
I beg to differ.

What does anger get you anyway? Adds more stress to your life. And who wants that when you already have enough stress due to other various factors unrelated to this incident altogether? 
You feel like the world is against you? Maybe it is, but only if you think it is. 

If you say, "I don't like that person" then you won't like them, of course. It's simple logic. 
Just because you think the world is against you does not make it so. 

Just because you think someone did something does not make your theory of them doing it true. 
We are all clear as to what that "assumption" phrase claims and it rings true, of course. 

Don't judge me. Look at my role model. In fact, look at your own role model. Ha!
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